The World between the Wires

beach, surfing

    I am so very proud and excited today because I have a very special guest here! You all must certainly have heard of and read Lizzi’s blog and have been touched by her glittery ‘specialness’ on social media!! Today’s post is also very special because Lizzi, being the amazing writer and lovely person… [Keep Reading]


People of America – Arches National Park, Utah

Windows at the Arches Natl Park

    This week, my family is on Spring break at southern Utah. We’re visiting Zion, Bryce, and Arches National Park. I don’t think a few photos would do justice to the magnificence of these parks. I can only try! [/caption] There are some wonderful treks in each of the parks. I knew Big A… [Keep Reading]


Building from Bullying - Indian American Mom

Building from bullying #1000Speak

    Welcome to the second linky party for 1000 Voices for Compassion! We are so thrilled that so many like-minded people have come together supporting this wonderful cause, started by Lizzi and Yvonne! This time, the theme was proposed to be on Bullying, but rather than focus of the devastating impact of bullying on… [Keep Reading]

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Offensive statements about rape

“It takes two hands to clap”

    So said the Delhi rapist, whose interview in the BBC documentary, India’s daughter, was much publicized, viewed, and criticized. Personally, his assertion, that the fault lay not just with the rapist, but also heavily on the victim is really nothing new! Haven’t generations of rapists all over the world and people in general… [Keep Reading]

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