how Indians view American-born Indian kids

siblings, sibling rivalry

Clueless. Dumb. Rude. Obnoxious. American-born Confused Desis (or Indians, in Hindi). This is something that is common knowledge and the common lore in India. This is how American-born kids of Indian parents are viewed by the majority. It’s no surprise to me because there was a time when I used to view these kids the […]


how old couples fight!

couple fighting, angry couple

We’re into year 12 of ye olde marriage, so I figure I can categorize The Husband and I as an old couple! Not veterans, but least to each other! Once a week at least, The Husband and I will have a fight. Obviously, we don’t get out any kind of weapon, though there have been […]


Ganesh puja food offering

You won’t read another post on Ganesh Chaturthi like this one!

Since it’s my household, it has to be different, right?! All of you who have been reading my blog for a while (and much affection to you all!!) know that we perform Ganesh puja every year. Rather, we get the kids to perform the puja since Ganesh puja in The Husband’s family is traditionally performed […]

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widow remarriage, Hindu widow, remarriage in India

The final drastic step: remarriage

{I realize that,  in the course of reading this story, it may be confusing to my readers to whom I am referring, so: Grandfather: my biological grandparent Granddad: The man my grandmother married after being widowed, and who had my complete devotion as a grandchild. If you missed the previous parts of this series, the […]

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hindu widow food restrictions

Hindu widows in India: food restrictions

Thank you so much to all my readers for your wonderful comments at my previous post! As mentioned there, I am doing a three-part series of my grandmother’s clash with the conservatism surrounding so-called traditions surrounding Hindu widows. The three parts are: 1. Initiation into the the cruel realities as a Hindu widow 2. Shrugging off […]

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hindu widow, indian widow, white sari

Hindu widows in India: that white sari!

A large number of you learnt that my grandmother remarried after she became a widow at a young age, and wanted to know more. I would love to relate to you how she broke the shackles of widowhood and forged her own future on her own terms. For better readability, I’m going to tell this […]

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flowers, summer, barbecue, neighbors

Our first summer barbecue party

Since The Husband and I moved into our new place and met a few very nice neighbors, we’ve been dying to invite them over to get to know them better! It was also wonderful seeing our boys make friends with the many kids around our place and we wanted to have a get-together with the […]

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Blogher14 VOTY poster

For Blogher14 attendees – some posts you missed!

I know you lucky people who attended Blogher 2014 in San Jose must have missed out on your usual blog reading! No worries! I’ve compiled a list exclusively for you! Just kidding! These are some great posts I read last week and wanted to share with everyone! Continuing on the tradition of showcasing some lovely […]

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