1000 Voices for Compassion: calling all peeps!


    Unless you’ve been off social media completely for the past week or so, you must have already heard about the latest movement that Lizzi Rogers and Yvonne Spence have started and used to take the blogging world by storm! After listening and reading page after page of all the horrible, sickening things that […]


People of America: an Asian mom

People of America - Indian American Mom

    Now, before I even begin, I want to underline the point that this was a single person whom I was talking to. This person is by no means an advocate or representative of her community! However, what she told me so intrigued me that I would like to know if anyone else has […]


happy new year from Indian American Mom

Reading and resolutions

    Happy New Year and welcome to the first post of 2015 on Indian American Mom! As is customary, and usually always slated for defeat, most of us start off the new year with resolutions that we came up with on December 31st. I say, slated for defeat because it is statistically proven that […]

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Christmas trees on display

The Indian American Mom’s report card!

    Another wonderful year is ending and this is the time when the Indian American Mom blog looks back with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment at the events of the past months! If you’re interested, this post was done last year to assess the progress of this blog! Without further ado, I would […]

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5 Places that we Indians appreciate in San Diego North County!

    When we first moved to San Diego, one of the first things we did, like most other Indians, was to seek the closest Indian grocery stores! It was the quest to find something familiar and which reminded us of home! San Diego, unlike most big cities with neighborhoods teaming with Indian stores, restaurants, […]

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rangoli closeup

Carry on celebrating with a carry-on bag!

    *** The giveaway is now closed. Please scroll down to see who the winner is **** (This post contains sponsored links from British Airways. The giveaway is open for US and Canadian residents only)   Hello again after my long break since last week!! How are you all, dear readers?! Are you still […]

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chaat bhandar, Delhi chaat, Hyderabad, street food, fast food

Welcome Home!

    (This post contains sponsored links from British Airways) Memories of my childhood! The first rains, bringing up the smell of warm earth to my nostrils… the first sound of dhaaks (drums) on Maha Panchami bringing a lump to my throat….the annoying cacophony of sparrows and crows on the tree next to my room, […]

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crowded Calcutta bus

Don’t miss the (Calcutta) bus!

    A ramshackle, tin body on four unthreaded, sagging wheels ……shabby seats and an unpolished wooden interior…. Filled to over-capacity with people stuffed inside tighter than a can of sardines, several of them hanging onto the rails for dear life, half out of the two open doors…….This is what a bus in Calcutta looks […]

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