Not fair – racism among Indians!!

Racism among Indians - Indian American Mom

My elder son, Big A and his friend were having a discussion about racism some time back and they called on me to clarify a point. According to Big A’s friend, racism could not exist within people of the same race; the whole definition of ‘racism’ logically belied the fact, he added. Unfortunately, I had… [Keep Reading]


Parenting by an Indian American Mom

Parenting older kids

I’m very excited to have been invited by Shailaja to write a post for her blog! After wracking my brain for several weeks over what the best topic to write on would be, I heeded her suggestion to make it Parenting! A snippet: My older son, who will be going to 6th grade this year and… [Keep Reading]

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DISC personalities

Changing personalities

My department is conducting a fun and, possibly insightful, personality survey. The idea is to find out our different personalities and to use it in a brainstorming session of how to get along as a team! It’s no secret that there are quirky personalities in our team and this may be a subtle way of figuring… [Keep Reading]

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The Indian Mother-in-law - post by Indian American Mom

The Indian Mother-in-Law Chronicles

  Now, before you all give that sharp intake of breath coupled with, “how could she?”, this is not a public post dissing my mother-in-law! Suffice to say that we have a healthy relationship of liking and respecting each other, but having our unique differences in opinion! My mom-in-law is a very traditional, religious, and… [Keep Reading]

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Post about sleep and motherhood by Indian American Mom

Sleep, baby, sleep

Hi there!! Did you miss me?! Wait…don’t answer that! I prefer to stay in Dreamsville where thousands of readers are waiting anxiously for the next post! Speaking of which, today’s post is right up your alley if you like sack time! When I was a kid, all the way till I was a twenty-something adult,… [Keep Reading]

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Liebster Award

Virtual hugs and all!

I’ve been blogging for over two years now (I’m a person who never remembers dates and anniversaries! I’m so happy Facebook reminds me!), so I have been fortunate enough to receive the Liebster Award before, but when Rena offered up another virtual hug, who was I to refuse!! Big Hug back, Rena!! As part of… [Keep Reading]

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