Compassion for a dolphin #1000Speak

1000Speak Compassion post for June - Indian American Mom

I’m seriously late with my post, but I’m trying not to miss a single #1000Speak moment, so better late than never! Little a is a hoarder of stuffed animals. He has a number of bed buddies now and the only reason that that the collection hasn’t taken over the bed is because mom won’t buy any;… [Keep Reading]


Sleep, baby, sleep

Post about sleep and motherhood by Indian American Mom

Hi there!! Did you miss me?! Wait…don’t answer that! I prefer to stay in Dreamsville where thousands of readers are waiting anxiously for the next post! Speaking of which, today’s post is right up your alley if you like sack time! When I was a kid, all the way till I was a twenty-something adult,… [Keep Reading]


Liebster Award

Virtual hugs and all!

I’ve been blogging for over two years now (I’m a person who never remembers dates and anniversaries! I’m so happy Facebook reminds me!), so I have been fortunate enough to receive the Liebster Award before, but when Rena offered up another virtual hug, who was I to refuse!! Big Hug back, Rena!! As part of… [Keep Reading]

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Traveling solo in India as a woman - guest post by Ruchira Shukla

Traveling solo in India

I’m so pleased and honored that Ruchira of Nirjharini fame, agreed to guest post at my blog! Ruchira is someone whom I have the deepest admiration for. She’s a no-nonsense, unassuming person who writes beautifully! I just wish she wrote more; but, her intermittent posting is clearly because the lady loves to travel! Check out… [Keep Reading]

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An Introvert married to an extrovert - by Indian American Mom

What it’s like to be an introvert married to an extrovert

Introvert: Me Extrovert: The Husband Solution: Simpler than you would think! The controversy about what the words ‘introvert’ and ”extrovert’ really mean! While researching for this post, I was surprised at the disparate definitions of introversion versus extroversion that I found! Take, for example, the Urban Dictionary’s top definition of an introvert: A person who… [Keep Reading]

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Teachers appreciation by Indian American Mom

Thankful for teachers

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Big A and Little a’s school. For those not in the know, this week is dedicated to teachers. It is planned out in advance by the class parent volunteer and involves designating each day of the school week for students to bring in something special for their teacher. In… [Keep Reading]

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