Connecting with a shelter dog #1000Speak

#1000Speak Connection: a shelter dog by Indian American Mom

The first time we saw Zeb (then named Buddy by the shelter people), he was a shelter dog, sitting down calmly in a cage in a room full of caged dogs barking their heads off at the sight of us. He checked us out from the corner of his eye and then, because we didn’t leave, he… [Keep Reading]


Ten things I’m thankful for #TToT

Ten Things Thankful - Indian American Mom

I’m finally joining in Lizzi’s wonderful blog hop where she invites peeps to list 10 things in their week that they are thankful for! Do you know that this week is the 100th week of this bloghop?! That has to be a record and just because of that, I decided that I would add myself to… [Keep Reading]


Traveling solo in India as a woman - guest post by Ruchira Shukla

Traveling solo in India

I’m so pleased and honored that Ruchira of Nirjharini fame, agreed to guest post at my blog! Ruchira is someone whom I have the deepest admiration for. She’s a no-nonsense, unassuming person who writes beautifully! I just wish she wrote more; but, her intermittent posting is clearly because the lady loves to travel! Check out… [Keep Reading]

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An Introvert married to an extrovert - by Indian American Mom

What it’s like to be an introvert married to an extrovert

Introvert: Me Extrovert: The Husband Solution: Simpler than you would think! The controversy about what the words ‘introvert’ and ”extrovert’ really mean! While researching for this post, I was surprised at the disparate definitions of introversion versus extroversion that I found! Take, for example, the Urban Dictionary’s top definition of an introvert: A person who… [Keep Reading]

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Teachers appreciation by Indian American Mom

Thankful for teachers

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Big A and Little a’s school. For those not in the know, this week is dedicated to teachers. It is planned out in advance by the class parent volunteer and involves designating each day of the school week for students to bring in something special for their teacher. In… [Keep Reading]

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beach, surfing

The World between the Wires

    I am so very proud and excited today because I have a very special guest here! You all must certainly have heard of and read Lizzi’s blog and have been touched by her glittery ‘specialness’ on social media!! Today’s post is also very special because Lizzi, being the amazing writer and lovely person… [Keep Reading]

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