Nurturing styles as parents #1000Speak

#1000Speak April theme: Nurturing

    About a week ago, Kathleen posted this video on my timeline, asking me if I had seen anything like this back in India. The first time I ever saw anyone bathing a child in this way was when my mother-in-law took charge of bathing my first born and, truth be told, I completely […]


Remember the fountain pen?!

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    There was a sudden ping in my memory while I watched one of my company’s European legal associates sign some paperwork. He took out an elegant black pen from his breast pocket and as he unscrewed the cap, I realized that I was looking at what I had thought was a relic from […]


Building from Bullying - Indian American Mom

Building from bullying #1000Speak

    Welcome to the second linky party for 1000 Voices for Compassion! We are so thrilled that so many like-minded people have come together supporting this wonderful cause, started by Lizzi and Yvonne! This time, the theme was proposed to be on Bullying, but rather than focus of the devastating impact of bullying on […]

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Building from Bullying - Indian American Mom

My personal experiences with bullying

    This Friday, March 20th, 1000 Voices of Compassion will be hosting it’s second linky party and hoping to flood the internet with more posts on compassion! Our first venture on Februrary 20th was such a fabulous success; we are still so overwhelmed with the response in the blogsphere and beyond! We are now […]

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Offensive statements about rape

“It takes two hands to clap”

    So said the Delhi rapist, whose interview in the BBC documentary, India’s daughter, was much publicized, viewed, and criticized. Personally, his assertion, that the fault lay not just with the rapist, but also heavily on the victim is really nothing new! Haven’t generations of rapists all over the world and people in general […]

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Guests, welcome guests, unwelcome guests, Indian culture

The welcome (or unwelcome) guest: Atithi Devo Bhava!

    I remember my childhood and teenage days at my parents’ house when visitors would unexpectedly drop in and stay till past dinnertime. My mother used to insist they stay and eat ‘whatever we were having’. She would then go to the kitchen, double the rice, dilute the dal, and halve all the chicken […]

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The day of compassion #1000Speak

    Today is the day! Today, 1,230 (and counting) of us are flooding the blogsphere, the Internet and hopefully, the whole world, with love, understanding and compassion! Today is 1000 Voices for Compassion Day! I’m just loving the beautifully designed posters that some of you have come up with and wanted to showcase some […]

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Respecting children's privacy

Respecting my kids’ privacy

    Long-time readers of my blog may be surprised and disappointed by the dearth of posts about my kids lately! There was a time when the blog had been dedicated entirely to cute and funny anecdotes about my boys! I loved writing about them and from the comments, I know that everyone who read them […]

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