Terrific Tweets!

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    I haven’t done this compilation in a long time, so I thought I would revive it from today! Hopefully, I will remember by next Friday to do it again! Here are this week’s hilarious tweets all in one place for your weekend enjoyment!   Don’t have sex man. It leads to kissing and […]


Quick update

dog, pet, family dog

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been missing doing the blog rounds, answering comments, and coming by only sporadically on social media!! The most important reason for this is that my company is going through its end-of-the-year employee appraisal process, so I’ve been a good girl and have not tried sneaking a peek into Facebook during that […]


Look how cute I am!

Say hello to Zeb!

So, yes, we did it! We took one more step in the American dream picture of the house and kids and dog – we got a dog!! This was totally unscheduled and frankly uncalled for, but The Husband and I were looking at our finances last week and he suddenly said that it was about […]

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Your photos: How safe are they online?

A few incidents on Facebook happened this past week that brought the dangers of social media and the big bad internet world again to the forefront! You may remember my post about my son being befriended by an online stranger; in any case, there are enough examples of how pedophiles and perverts prey on the […]

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What I’ve been reading the past week …..or so!!

The thing about blogging is this: more than the happiness of publishing a post and reading the comments that follow, it often gives me great satisfaction reading posts by now-familiar bloggers and going, “wow! I knew she was good..but this is such an amazing piece!”   I hope you’ll agree when you see the list I have! […]

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siblings, sibling rivalry

how Indians view American-born Indian kids

Clueless. Dumb. Rude. Obnoxious. American-born Confused Desis (or Indians, in Hindi). This is something that is common knowledge and the common lore in India. This is how American-born kids of Indian parents are viewed by the majority. It’s no surprise to me because there was a time when I used to view these kids the […]

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couple fighting, angry couple

how old couples fight!

We’re into year 12 of ye olde marriage, so I figure I can categorize The Husband and I as an old couple! Not veterans, but old..at least to each other! Once a week at least, The Husband and I will have a fight. Obviously, we don’t get out any kind of weapon, though there have been […]

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Ganesh puja food offering

You won’t read another post on Ganesh Chaturthi like this one!

Since it’s my household, it has to be different, right?! All of you who have been reading my blog for a while (and much affection to you all!!) know that we perform Ganesh puja every year. Rather, we get the kids to perform the puja since Ganesh puja in The Husband’s family is traditionally performed […]

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