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    (This post contains sponsored links from British Airways) Memories of my childhood! The first rains, bringing up the smell of warm earth to my nostrils… the first sound of dhaaks (drums) on Maha Panchami bringing a lump to my throat….the annoying cacophony of sparrows and crows on the tree next to my room, […]


Don’t miss the (Calcutta) bus!

crowded Calcutta bus

    A ramshackle, tin body on four unthreaded, sagging wheels ……shabby seats and an unpolished wooden interior…. Filled to over-capacity with people stuffed inside tighter than a can of sardines, several of them hanging onto the rails for dear life, half out of the two open doors…….This is what a bus in Calcutta looks […]


Little a lazing on a swing

Dealing with self-reliant (read: headstrong) kids

    As parents, you look forward to having kids who embody some of your and your partner’s good qualities. If the kid is really obnoxious and he or she deliberately-completely-on-purpose chooses to portray the parents’ bad qualities, you feel upset, but then you shrug and accept it philosophically, ring up your mother and listen […]

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People of America – Yellowstone National Park

    Hi! I decided to start a new series, ‘People of America’. Before you say so, I will freely admit that I took inspiration from HONY, even though this concept has been on my mind for quite some time now! If you haven’t checked out Humans of New York (HONY) on Facebook yet, please […]

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Celebrating Diwali in America

    Every year at around this time, Indians all over the world celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year, Diwali, the festival of lights. I have described our previous family celebrations before, including my favourite tradition of painting diyas or clay lamps with my boys! Indians in the US are mostly confined […]

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Terrific Tweets!

    I haven’t done this compilation in a long time, so I thought I would revive it from today! Hopefully, I will remember by next Friday to do it again! Here are this week’s hilarious tweets all in one place for your weekend enjoyment!   Don’t have sex man. It leads to kissing and […]

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Quick update

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been missing doing the blog rounds, answering comments, and coming by only sporadically on social media!! The most important reason for this is that my company is going through its end-of-the-year employee appraisal process, so I’ve been a good girl and have not tried sneaking a peek into Facebook during that […]

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Look how cute I am!

Say hello to Zeb!

So, yes, we did it! We took one more step in the American dream picture of the house and kids and dog – we got a dog!! This was totally unscheduled and frankly uncalled for, but The Husband and I were looking at our finances last week and he suddenly said that it was about […]

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